Individuality- material-quality- innovation :
That’s our kitchen units. With the individuality of a craft workshop we produce customised solutions for people who appreciate something special. There is also the diversity of materials used in the kitchen units from which the worktops are made.
You have to remember that for us the kitchen is the room for inspiration. When traditional design meets innovative ideas and versatile products meet individual customer requirements – that’s why our kitchen units will be for everyone for a long time.
The latest additions of our kitchen units provide a whole host of new ways to give kitchen design a personal touch- particulary for the younger target group with it’s preference for a fresh ,minimalist look.
The kitchen units can be made of wide variety of materials. Let’s start from the kitchen units.They can be made from board Egger, Kronopol or Kronospan. There companies offer huge choice of colours and beautiful look. They also offer in their collection a big choice of worktops. The worktops to kitchen units can be made of stone , kwarc or conglomerate. The kitchen units must have good fronts as our furniture was not boring for us .The worktops are divided into- wooden worktops.
The kitchen units must have suitable fronts as our kitchen was attractive for a long time.
The kitchen fronts are divided to :
-wooden fronts
-painted fronts- high gloss and mat
-veneered fronts : natural or modified
-fronts from furniture board
All the fittings in our kitchen units are supplied by Blum company.